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Meet Nicole

Nicole is thrilled to introduce the Xformer and the FlowCorps movement to Raleigh. Her passion for fitness, health and - most importantly - people has culminated in this studio, which is has been built with love and designed to be welcoming and empowering for all who come.  Nicole believes in community – she believes that people need people to feel alive and connected, especially while getting their ass kicked in class. She believes in building up those around her and that health, strength, and connection are integral to a happy life.

Nicole’s fitness background is in yoga, which will always be her first love. She was introduced to the Xformer a few years ago and knew that it was the perfect machine and method to build strength, move intentionally, and to reaffirm to each person that their body is worth celebrating. When coupled with the Woodway curve treadmill, no other fitness modality is harder, more effective or more comprehensive.

Nicole’s passion for fitness is largely rooted in her family, which is – like all families – a joyfully exhausting undertaking. In order to keep up with her partner and young kids, she needs to be healthy and strong. When not sweating alongside you in the studio, she loves to ski, hike, and run (sometimes). She has future plans to love to mountain bike.