In order to keep FlowCORPS clean and hygienic, we require sticky socks to use the Xformer machines. Please bring your own or you can purchase a pair of sticky socks at the studio.


For class pack and retail purchases, we accept credit cards - no cash.

Class packs and class credits are non-transferrable between two individuals.

For returns or exchanges, contact Nicole at Please note sale items are FINAL SALE.


We ask that you cancel your reservation online. TO CANCEL A RESERVATION: Click on "My Account > Schedule" and click 'cancel' next to the reservation. 

Classes must be cancelled more than 10 hours prior to class time to avoid losing a class credit and a cancellation fee. If your reservation is cancelled less than 10 hours prior to class it is considered a LATE CANCEL. For non-unlimited packages, a LATE CANCEL will forfeit that class credit. For unlimited members, a LATE CANCEL will automatically be charged $15 late-cancellation fee.

**No-Shows result in a $20 charge!**   All clients will be charged a no-show fee, including those attending free community and foundations classes. If you are a package holder, you will be charged a $20 fee and lose your class credit.

If you are waitlisted for class, the waitlist locks once the late cancel window has started. If you are still interested in taking the class within the late cancel window, please check back in with the app. Spots may become available throughout the 10 hours leading up to the start of class as clients late cancel.