Powering bodies and igniting souls
to build strong people and a passionate community. 

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FlowCORPS is Raleigh’s premier, locally-owned fitness destination, where all people are welcomed as they are and leave transformed through their own sweat and dedication. We believe fundamentally in healthy bodies, and the power of personal connection.  Every facet of our studio is intentionally designed to flow seamlessly into our students’ busy lives. Our innovative 45 & 60 minute full-body workouts maximize results through intentional, low(er)-impact movement under continuous tension, leading to stronger, longer, leaner bodies.

We offer a safe, welcoming environment free from judgement, where students are invited to set, meet and exceed their personal fitness goals. We strive daily to offer exceptional customer service, to create the best experience for our students, and to operate with joy and inclusion. Our experienced and inspiring coaches encourage and challenge our students to sharpen their minds, strengthen their bodies and build a community together.   



This single modality class, held exclusively on the Xformer, gives students the ultimate low-impact, high-intensity experience, focusing on slow and disciplined movements under continuous tension. In 45 minutes of controlled and intentional range of motion and quick transitions, slow and fast twitch muscle fibers reach fatigue and failure, maximizing metabolism and keeping students in the fat burning zone. The result of this 45 minute full-body workout that targets strength, endurance, cardio, balance and flexibility: Stronger, longer, leaner muscles and a sense of personal empowerment. 

WoodWave Curve CORPS+CARDIO 50


FlowCorps' signature class combines the challenge and benefits of the Xformer with the innovative cardio experience of the Woodway Curve treadmill. The 23 minutes spent on each machine takes the intensity of the Xformer to the next level. Strength, flexibility, balance and endurance are coupled with treadmill intervals that each student can customize to meet their goals. Both of these machines are human-powered and designed to minimize impact while maximizing results.